Posted by: becketfund | November 22, 2006

Bulgaria: Ahmadi Muslims Risk Losing Legal Status as a Community

Forum 18 reports that due to the efforts of a public prosecutor and the country’s Religious Affairs Directorate, Bulgaria’s Ahmadi Muslim community is in danger of losing its legal status, a question which will reach the courts on December 8th.   Though officials could not give any examples of any illegal activity by the community or its members, they stated that the community was “against the religions that people follow [in Bulgaria]” and “performs activity that contradicts the law and is against public order and good morals.” The Ahmadis’ belief that Mohammed was not the final prophet is considered heretical by other Muslims, and in other countries, such as Pakistan, Ahmadis face discrimination and persecution.   Muhamad Ashraf, the community’s leader, stated that “all we want is to be free to meet, talk and pray together.”


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