Posted by: becketfund | April 5, 2007

Turkey: Headscarf Case Wins At ECHR

The Turkish Press reports that on April 5, the European Court of Human Rights found Turkey in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the cases of Merve Kavakci, Nazli Ilicak and Mehmet Silay, former members of the Turkish Parliament from the Fazilet Partisi (Virtue Party). Fazilet Partisi was banned in 2001 by the Turkish Constitutional Court, which accused the party of anti-secular activities, including advocating the choice to wear the Islamic headscarf in schools and public places.

Turkey was found to be in violation of Article 3, Protocol 1 of the Convention, which mandates that states “ensure the free expression of the opinion of the people in the choice of the legislature”.

The Becket Fund worked with Merve Kavakci, advising her on her religious freedom rights prior to the hearing. 

Read the full decision here. (French only).
Read the text of the European Convention on Human Rights here. (English)
Read the Becket Fund’s press release on the ruling.


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