Posted by: becketfund | September 12, 2007

India: Judge Rules that Bhagavad Gita Should Be National Religious Doctrine

AsiaNews reports that S.N. Srivastava, a judge for Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad High Court, recently ruled that the Hindu poem Bhagavad Gita should stand as a national religious doctrine, and that the state must recognize it as such. This would include teaching the poem to members of non-Hindu faiths, which has sparked protests from members of minority religions in the area. Though the poem is a “part of Indian culture, it cannot be seen as a religious text for all faiths,” according to the chairman of the Global Council of Indian Catholics. Judge Srivastava has previously intervened in religious matters, declaring earlier this year that Muslims in the region were not to be considered a religious minority, and as such were ineligible for education subsidies.


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