Posted by: becketfund | January 4, 2008

Moldova: Expels Romanian Orthodox Priests

CHISINAO – Moldova is in the process of expelling four Romanian Orthodox priests from the country, hoping that the Christmas holiday, when NGOs and media organizations are not working, will make the expulsions less noticeable, Forum 18 reported on January 4. Two of the priests, Fr. Ion Bigea and Fr. Constantin Dumitrascu, have already been barred from returning to the country, while two others, Fr. Iulian Budescu and Fr. Ion Tivlea, are currently in the country and awaiting expulsion. Some of the priests have been accused of “administrative offenses”, though Moldova does not require Romanians to have visas in order to enter the country, and had previously not required foreign priests to obtain work permits in order to operate in Moldova.


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