Posted by: becketfund | April 15, 2008

Georgia: Campaign to Recognize the Orthodox Church as Official Religion

TBILISI – Politicians from Georgia’s Christian Democratic Party have begun to gather signatures in support of the Georgian Orthodox Church, which they hope will be recognized as “fundamental” to the country the Messenger, Tbilisi’s English-language newspaper, reported on April 15. The party plans to ask Parliament for a constitutional amendment stating that “the official religion of Georgia is Christian Orthodoxy, which is traditionally the religion professed by the Georgian nation” and providing for the “strengthening of [the Orthodox Church’s] role in society.” Party leaders, however, say they do not want it to become the state religion, as that would give the church less freedom to conduct its affairs. Meanwhile, the Orthodox Patriarchate, which the party has not consulted in their campaign, sees no need for a constitutional amendment.

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