Posted by: becketfund | September 7, 2008

France: Robbery Trial Postponed Until End of Ramadan

PARIS – A Rennes city court’s decision to postpone a robbery trial until after the holy month of Ramadan has incited anger from the secularist sector of France, the International Herald Tribune reported on September 7.  Leonard Bernard de la Gratinais, the lead prosecutor in the case, has denied that the schedule change was based on religious concerns.  However, several observers argued that the request to reschedule the trial had been filed by the Muslim defendant explicitly on the grounds that he would be fasting and therefore at a disadvantage during the proceedings.  “This is secular France, one and indivisible, that is attacked in its foundations, its integrity flouted, its values disowned,” a conservative newspaper, Le Figaro, said of what the change in court date means for the nation.


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