Posted by: becketfund | September 25, 2008

France: Muslim Students Attend Catholic Schools

PARIS – Muslim students in France are increasingly turning to Catholic schools, which provide more freedom for expressing their faith than do the nation’s public schools, the IHT reported on September 25.  Student Nadia Qualane, of Algerian descent, said that “There is respect for our religion here,” and “In the public school I would not be allowed to wear a veil.”  France only has four Muslim schools, so the 8,847 Roman Catholic schools have become a refuge for Muslims seeking freedom to act and dress according to their faith’s traditions.  France has become home to five million Muslims, which is Western Europe’s largest Muslim community.  In 2004, a ban on the headscarf in state schools prompted an outcry and a debate about loosening the secular nation’s interpretation of the separation of church and state.


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