Posted by: becketfund | September 28, 2008

China: Muslims Claim Repression During Ramadan

KUQA – Uighers living overseas have accused the Chinese government of clamping down on religious freedom through sweeping detentions after the Olympics in retribution for the bombings during the games, the AP reported on September 28.  China has yet to prove that the Uighers are responsible for 33 deaths in Kuqa and Kashgar in Western Xinjiang.  Restrictions imposed by the government on the Muslim population include the following:  Government employees, teachers and students may not fast during Ramadan; mosques may not host out-of-town visitors or play video and sound recordings; proselytizing in public is prohibited; surveillance of mosques must be increased; and restaurants must stay open during the daylight fasting period.  Additionally, a government source is quoted as saying that “[a]ll effective means must be used to make sure that men shave their beards and that women remove veils that cover their faces.”  


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