Posted by: becketfund | December 31, 2008

The Gambia: British Missionary Couple Given Hard Labor

BANJUL – David and Fiona, a missionary couple from Britain, have been sentenced to a year’s hard labor, the UK Times Online reported on December 31. The couple was convicted of sedition after sending critical e-mails about Yahya Jammeh, the nation’s leader. Mr Fulton, 60, and his wife, 46, who have lived in The Gambia for 12 years, were also fined £6,250 each. Their lawyer said that they did not plan to appeal but were hoping for a pardon. Peter McMinn, Mrs. Fulton’s father, denied that his son-in-law had any interest in the Gambian Government and insisted that he was doing only Christian work. Antouman Gaye, the couple’s lawyer, said that their troubles began after they sent e-mails to friends and church contacts in Britain. “Some of it was to do with religion, some was to do with the state of affairs in this country. Some e-mails said the President is a madman. It was very risky.” Gaye attributed the missionary couple’s arrest to a Gambian person in England who was connected with one of the churches receiving the emails, who then alerted the Gambian police.


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