Posted by: becketfund | January 8, 2009

Malaysia: Ban on Catholic Paper Lifted

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia announced its intention to lift the ban on the Malay edition of the Catholic newspaper, the Herald, if the newspaper agrees to stop using the word “Allah,” AP reported on January 8. The editor of the paper, Rev. Lawrence Andrew, has expressed his appreciation of continued rights for publication, however he has announced his intentions to continue to dispute the requirement to drop the use of the term “Allah.” The Herald’s English, Mandarin and Tamil editions were not affected by the ban. The Herald challenged the “Allah” ban in court making the argument that the translation has been used for centuries in Malay and that the Arabic word is a common reference to God that predates Islam. The Herald argued that the ban therefore was unconstitutional and threatened the religious freedom of minorities. The government, meanwhile, claimed that the use of the word by non-Muslims could confuse Muslims.



  1. i agree 100% with the government..and what they did was totally right..actually the word Allah can only be used by both muslims and some certain christian who live in the middle east..but in malaysia, the christian people are entirely non-arabic they dont deserve to use the word Allah in their Herald eventhough it is printed in fully malay because there’s also malay also has their own word for god, for instance ‘Tuhan’..and these catholic press is purposely trying to cause a turmoil against the muslims in this country..and indeed they refuse to believe in islam because they are ignorant and afraid since Islam is the real religion of addition, every language has their own word to refer english we call god, in malay we call tuhan, in arabic we call Allah and so in other languages..the absolute reason why the government has put a ban on Herald is because the word Allah can only be used by the muslims as the language used in the muslim prayer is arabic..the reason why the muslim prayer is recited in arabic is to prevent the man-induced alteration of prayer so that the prayer recitation will become unchanged until the end of the day..and of course the christian in malaysia dont deserve to use the word Allah in any of their newspress as the usage of the word is completely off beam and inappropriate..since the medium of the christian is english, so why dont they retain their religion in english? why must they use foreign language that belongs to other religion.? is this done on purpose? if the catholic herald still insists to use the word Allah, it would be better if they convert to islam so that they can use the word infinitely without causing angerness towards other religion…and the catholic press action of putting the word Allah is just to show the non-believers ignorance to the muslim..the muslims will always be strong from any attacks from the hostile of islam because the muslims have jihad..unlike other religions that only teach their adherents to insult other religions..for instance, christianity..its not a condemnation to the christianity, but this happens in almost every christian majority usa..try to ponder it…

    • armadia16… i can’t understand why the use of the word allah seems like such a treat to muslims. i don’t think anyone’s trying to confuse anyone. its just a word. to think that we’re all riled up over something like this is beyond me. the world, has bigger problems. the country has bigger problems.. and clearly you have bigger problems.
      this reminds me of the cow head – temple incident… how about we worry about things like that as opposed to the use of the word allah.
      1malaysia sure is taking off well.

  2. “in malaysia, the christian people are entirely non-arabic they dont deserve to use the word Allah in their Herald”

    *clap hands* don’t DESERVE? lol – go ahead keep writing, yr making me laugh at how you think the whole christian world owes you a favour because you think yr religion OWNS the word Allah.

    very smart. keep yr foot in yr mouth, please.

  3. Its amazing how people can be utterly inconsiderate about other religion. Well done armadia16. You deserve a standing ovation, now let the world hear your voice. Let Allah belong to no other religion but Muslim.

  4. 1. All religion is to be respected as I believe that there is no such thing as a bad/evil religion. Only bad followers of the religion.

    2. The Herald is not distributed to Muslims. In this case, why the fear of the usage of the word Allah?

    3. I also believe that Muslims in Malaysia are not so ignorant as to not know the difference between a Christian publication as opposed to a Islamic publication.

    4. Insulting of other religions happens in MANY countries whether they are Christian, Islamic, Jewish or others.

    5. The Herald has NEVER desecrated a Muslim’s religious rites and never intends to do that. On the other hand, a certain other Islamic publication HAS desecrated a Christian religious rites in Malaysia although I have not heard of any news whether the publishers nor the editors being brought justice.

    6. The main pillar of any religion is FAITH. A strong faith will not be shaken whether through the usage of a word – spoken/published – nor through the actions of other quarters.

    7. No religion should have any cause to be afraid of another religion. Every religion preaches to their followers to be good morally and spiritually. If this is the case, why should there be any animosity between religions?

    8. Every person in the world has a right to profess their own religion. It is a personal FAITH to the religion that convinces them to the truth of the religion. Coercion to profess another religion is NOT an act of faith. To belittle another religion is also NOT an act of faith that any follower of a religion should be proud of.

    9. A follower of any religion that is convinced that harming another religion is right in the eyes of God/Tuhan/Allah/Yahweh is NOT a person of religious standing at all. That person is just another xenophobic/theophobic criminal.

    10. Ponder this: The biggest threat to religious harmony is religious paranoia towards another religion. How does one rise above this paranoia? HAVE FAITH in your own religion and know that a strong FAITH towards your religion and God is enough. No person, no publication, no government – can take your faith away unless you let that faith go.

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