Posted by: becketfund | January 8, 2009

UK: Funding Cut to Christian Care Home

BRIGHTON – Pilgrim Home, an establishment for retired British Christian missionaries, faces a significant funding cut after its residents refused to answer questions about their “sexual orientation” on a government form, LifeSiteNews reported on January 8. The elderly residents were accused of being “closed to the gay community” for their refusal to answer the questions, and as a result the Brighton & Hove city council revoked a £13,000 grant to the facility. The Christian charity that runs Pilgrim Houses is filing suit, backed financially by the Christian Institute’s Legal Defence Fund, on grounds of religious discrimination. Mike Judge of the Christian Institute said, “Brighton Council is displaying a very prejudiced and discriminatory attitude to the religious beliefs held by the elderly residents of the home run by Pilgrim Homes. After a lifetime of Christian service, these elderly men and women deserve to live in a restful environment which supports and nurtures their Christian faith. This case is the latest in a series of troubling incidents where the rights of Christians are seemingly being ignored in favour of ‘gay rights’.”


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