Posted by: becketfund | February 9, 2009

Somalia: President Announces Readiness to Practice Sharia Law

MODADISHU – Somalia’s newly elected president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed told Islamist leaders and commanders of government forces on February 9 that he was ready to practice Sharia law, AllAfrica reported on February 9. Mr. Ahmed was looking for reconciliation between the various factions in Somalia and encouraged the fostering of peace and forgiveness. Sheik Abdulqadir Ali Omar, the leader of the Islamic Courts Union and Gen. Abdi Hassan Awale( Qeibdid), the commander of the Somali police forces shook hands and announced their reconciliation. Said Dhere, the commander of the Somali military forces and some caretaker government ministers also attended the meeting on February 9. Mr. Ahmed, a young cleric and former opposition leader, was elected as Somali’s president in Djibouti, and he faces a daunting task of bringing change to the war-torn nation, which has not had a central government for eighteen years.


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