Posted by: becketfund | March 20, 2009

Russia: President Steers Young People in Religious Choice

MOSCOW – In order to instill moral and religious values in young people, President Medvedev will personally lead the Council on Cooperation with Religious Associations, AsiaNews reported on March 17.  The Council will be officiated by the president of the Council of Muftis, Ravil’ Gajnutdin, chief rabbi Berl Lazar, and the president of the traditional Buddhists, Damba Ajušeev.  The head of the Kremlin has affirmed that Russian youth must rediscover their religious roots after the vacuum of values generated by the Soviet era, which void was then reinforced during the 1990’s.  In the Year of Youth, which is being celebrated in 2009, the state wants to develop a more effective youth policy, taking advantage of the collaboration of religious associations on both the federal and regional level, and continuing the cooperation already established in the area of the family.  For various commentators and experts, Medvedev’s statements on the importance of religion in the life of the country and his direct involvement with various representatives of the traditional confessions document the intention of the Kremlin to take a step forward in relations between the state and the Orthodox Church, to confirm the Patriarch of Moscow as a point of reference for all the religions in the Federation, and to attribute a strong political value to his position. 

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