Posted by: becketfund | April 7, 2009

Afghanistan: Controversial Law Condoning Marital Rape is Rescinded

KABUL – A controversial law condoning marital rape and reintroducing Taliban-era rules for Afghan women has been shelved after an international outcry, TimeOnline reported on April 7. The Afghan Foreign Ministry said that the law had not been enacted, while Justice Ministry officials said that its contents might be reconsidered. The legislation was put on hold pending a review. “The Justice Ministry is reviewing the law to make sure it is in line with the Afghan Government’s commitment to human rights and women rights conventions,” Sultan Ahmad Baheen, a spokesman for the ministry in Kabul, said. The British Government expressed alarm at the law, which applies to the 15 per cent of the Afghan population that is Shia Muslim, and President Obama called the law “abhorrent” at the NATO summit in Strasbourg last week. Reaction to the law among Shia women was largely supportive, Ruqiya Nayel, a Shia woman MP from Ghor province, said. “This law clearly violates our rights,” she told The Times. “Unfortunately most of the women I represent welcome this law because 98 per cent of women are uneducated and do not know their rights. A very few educated women are very sad about it.”



  1. Have the Afghani politicians sorted out all their problems, so they have some spare time now to concern themselves with country men who don’t get enough sex from their wives? I wonder what is the punishment for a woman who refuses it. Maybe community service?

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