Posted by: becketfund | May 10, 2009

Yemen: Ministry to Shut Down Schools Linked with Terrorism

SAN’A – As part of the ongoing movement to curb terrorism in the country, the Ministry of Endowment and Guidance started a new field survey to review the current curricula at private schools, the Yemen Post reported on May 10. 
The ministry plans to shut all schools, believed to breed and graduate terrorist elements, especially when there have been increased recruitment for youth in these schools. 
In this regard, Minister of Endowments and Guidance Judge Hamoud Al-Hitar pointed out that his ministry is currently reviewing the position of all religious schools nationwide and estimated in 2005 to be 4,568 schools and religious centers, some of which belong to the Ministry. According to the plan set by the ministry, all reviews will be finished by the end of May and the committees are expected to study and revise the curricula of each school to see whether they are compatible with Islamic teachings. 
Putting special emphasis on reviving the mosque’s message, Al-Hitar mentioned that they have worked towards building the capacities of preachers in a way that helps spread moderate thinking and behavior.


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