Posted by: becketfund | November 12, 2009

Malaysia: Catholic Newspaper Loses its Right to Publish

KUALA LUMPUR – The editor for Malaysia’s weekly Catholic newspaper, The Herald, has lost its publishing permit for next year following the dispute over its use of the word “Allah,” the AFP reported on November 12. The Roman Catholic Church has waged a two-year legal battle with Malaysian authorities over the use of the word “Allah,” while the government has argued that the word “Allah” should be used only by Muslims, who represent the majority religious population in Malaysia.



  1. I reiterate my earlier comments regarding the Malaysian Government’s refusal to release the 10,000 bibles, as per below:

    As a former Muslim, i find the Malaysian government’s actions reprehensible and those out of irrational fear. They say Muslims will be confused and lose their faith upon seeing believers of other faiths using the word “Allah”. so they must remove such possible/future threats.

    it’s like someone who cannot drive well seeking that all other vehicles be removed from the highway because she/he has to use that highway.

    so weak is their faith. they truly need the armor of God per Ephesians 6:11

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