Posted by: becketfund | November 19, 2009

Australia: Police Investigate Church of Scientology

CANBERRA – The Prime Minister has announced his intention to examine allegations against the Church of Scientology before deciding whether to back independent senator Nick Xenophon’s demand for a Senate inquiry, The Australian reported on November 19. Senator Xenophon told parliament on November 17 that Scientology was a “criminal organization” hiding behind religion, and the State Crime Command of NSW Police confirmed that he had handed over ex-Scientologists’ complaints for investigation.


  1. The International Church of Scientology is a coded think-tank, who makes the LaRouche movement look normal. Being naive and gullible is an excuse to being defrauded by these scum-bags, breaking laws (that even a child knows is wrong) to further this organization’s aims is down right criminal. Lock them all up and throw away the key! Virginia Stewart and Cyrus Brooks how many overts have you committed to get where you are?

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