Posted by: becketfund | December 3, 2009

Further Reading: The Destruction of Babri Masjid Mosque

An Economist article examines the demolition in 1992 of a mosque at Ayodhya by a Hindu mob, an event that sparked violence across India, in which some 2,000 people died.  After 17 years, the inquiry on the incident has finally been published, which concluded that senior leaders of the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), including the party’s present leader, Lal Krishna Advani, were complicit in the vandalism.



  1. While demolishing a religious worship place a bad act, the Ayodhya problem has to be viewed differently from a historical point of view. Even as a Christian I am well aware by tradition and time immemorial stories that Ayodhya is the birth place of Sree Ram. This is something beyond debate.
    For the sake of respecting the feeling of a billion strong Hindu community cannot the Muslim brethren heave way for a temple in Ayodhya. By recent facts of history the Muslim rulers never respected the sanity fo the Hindu temples. I have personally seen temples turned into barracks by Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan.

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