Posted by: becketfund | February 3, 2010

France: Government Refuses Citizenship Over Muslim Veil

PARIS – The government has refused on February 2 to grant citizenship to a foreign national on the grounds that he compelled his French wife to wear the full Islamic veil, the BBC reported on February 3.  Immigration Minister Eric Besson said citizenship was refused because “It became apparent during the regulation investigation and the prior interview that this person was compelling his wife to wear the all-covering veil, depriving her of the freedom to come and go with her face uncovered, and rejected the principles of secularism and equality between men and women,” and he stressed that French law requires anyone seeking naturalization to demonstrate their desire for integration.


  1. Hello
    I lived in France for two years from 1964 – 1966. I think that anyone that requires anybody to cover their face is not in the tradition of France. I do no think they should be given French citizenship.

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