Posted by: becketfund | February 17, 2010

Saudi Arabia: Court Sentences Man for Marrying Six Women

JAZAN – A court has sentenced an employee who holds an administrative position in the Saudi Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice’s morals police force to 120 lashes for marrying six women, Reuters reported on February 17.  Islamic law does not allow men to marry more than four women at any one time.  The court also banned the man from standing as a preacher and leading prayers, ordered him not to travel abroad for a five-year period and to memorize two chapters from the Koran.



  1. Greetings.
    It would seem, if the man convicted claimed to be a subject of Islam Law, he would not marry more then 4 women. If he was subject to Islam law and married 6 women, he would be subject to the penal code of that same Law.

    He could be exempt from the penal code if he was not a “subject” of Islam Law and was moving under protection of Islamic laws having to do with the rights of foreigners.

    I seems it would be impossible for him to base his 6 marriages on a religious foundation, seeing Islam law does not entertain separation of Religion from State jurisdiction. Nor could he plea for asylum in the US, due to it’s provisions against polygyny. He might find refuge in some other non-Islam nation, such as some African countries, where a man may have unlimited wives, if such nations still permit that.

    One may entertain “any belief” whatsoever, within conscience, but, when one attempts to express those beliefs in the Civil domain, through action, one may find strong opposition, punishment, imprisonment or even loss of life. Not all rights within the jurisdiction of laws are absolute, so, one must exercise extreme caution when expressing ones conscience in the civil realm, and be prepared to accept the consequences.


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