About the IRFN

The International Religious Freedom Newsletter compiles media coverage of top religious freedom law headlines from around the globe. The newsletter focuses on state action and inaction, rather than just religious persecution or discrimination. It covers legal news affecting people of all faiths.

The IRFN is a project of the Washington, DC-based Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a public interest law firm defending the religious freedom of people of all faiths at home and abroad.

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The International Religious Freedom Newsletter started as a weekly email service in September 2006, and joined the blogosphere in August 2008. We hope the blog format will make this a more easily accessible resource for people. We’ll be steadily migrating material to this blog from our archives. In the meantime, to see an archive of all past stories, you can visit our website.

We also offer our International Religious Freedom News service in a weekly newsletter delivered directly to your e-mail inbox. To sign up for this and other e-mail services from the Becket Fund, click here.

For news on religious freedom issues in the United States, visit the Becket Fund’s home page for coverage of issues in the public square, employment, prisons, schools, associations, and property rights.

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